Photo and creation by Cyril Duval

DYSFASHIONAL considers fashion in the widest sense. Rather than exhibiting clothes and styles, DYSFASHIONAL explores the broad range of materials that turn fashion into a mode of self-representation and experience. Staged as a construction site, DYSFASHIONAL tackles the seemingly frivolous yet vital realm of fashion by examining the approach of designers and artists from various backgrounds and invites us on striking journey, bringing us closer to a world in which the protagonists are not the objects but the creative process itself. DYSFASHIONAL is not only a barometer for high-brow experimentation between art and fashion, but is also a bridge between Paris and Berlin, two fashion and art capitals. With HUSSEIN CHALAYAN, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, BLESS, RAF SIMONS, BERNHARD WILLHELM + CHRISTOPHE HAMAIDE-PIERSON, SISSEL TOLAAS, GASPARD YURKIEVICH, ANTONIO MARRAS, PIERRE HARDY + DAMIEN BLOTTIERE, KOSTAS MURKUDIS, MATHIEU MERCIER, ITEM IDEM, JUSTIN MORIN + BILLIE MERTENS, MARC TURLAN, MICHAEL SONTAG…

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